What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body including the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage Therapy helps alleviate the soft tissue discomfort associated with every day and occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many chronic pain conditions. If employed early enough after accidents involving trauma and injury, massage therapy can greatly decrease the development of painful muscular patterning.

How can Massage Therapy help me?

Massage Therapy can be beneficial to people of all ages and conditions and is widely used to help obtain relief from many specific problems including but not limited to:

  • Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis & tendonitis
  • Stress relief & associated conditions
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Muscle and related conditions such as spasm, strains & sprains
  • Back pain
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Circulatory & respiratory problems
  • Pregnancy & labour discomfort
  • Post injury & surgical rehabilitation

What should I expect at my first Massage Therapy treatment?

Your massage therapist will require you to fill out a health history form. Afterward the therapist will begin by asking you general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needed to be addressed and to determine if massage therapy is appropriate for you. They may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition and to see if you have any presenting complaints.

What do I wear during my Massage?

For a full body massage, most people undress completely. However it is completely up to you and your level of comfort. You will be draped with a sheet and a blanket the whole time and only the areas being treated will be uncovered.

How will I feel after my massage?

Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity. After an initial period of feeling relaxed, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity. Since toxins are released from your soft tissue during a massage, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water and have and Epsom salts bath to release toxins after your treatment.

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

What types of conditions can Myofascial Release help?

This is just a sample of some of the conditions that MFR can help. A complete list can be found at www.myofascialrelease.com

  • Back pain
  • Bladder problems
  • Birth injuries
  • Cervical and lumber injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Endometriosis

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage is a specialty massage where the massage therapist places smooth, heated stones on key points of the body. The massage therapist may also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles which allow the therapist to apply deeper pressure. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and clams the nervous system.