For me regular chiropractic care is one of the cornerstones of a lifelong holistic healthcare program, just as important as proper nutrition, regular exercise a clean environment and adequate rest. The chiropractic care my husband and I receive from Dr. Stephen Dwyer at Health First Chiropractic is excellent. He and his terrific staff make every effort to insure that we get the level of care we need, as well as the answers to our questions. If you are new to chiropractic, some aspects of it can be a bit frightening – for example, the noises your body makes when Dr. Dwyer is adjusting you. Don’t let it put you off. Instead, talk to Dr. Dwyer about your concerns. He is an excellent and responsive listener, which makes him a great collaborator in your desire to reach optimal health. He will work with you to craft a program of care that suits your comfort level and your goals, no matter how much time it takes.

- Kelly Lyons, Halifax, 2007

I don’t have a “eureka” miracle story to tell you about chiropractic care. What I can tell you is that after a serious car accident and subsequent aggravation due to those injuries it is chiropractic care that has allowed me to maintain real world functionality and dramatic reductions in pain. Without chiropractic care I simply wouldn’t be able to continue working. As an added benefit Dr. Dwyer is great at creating a relaxing treatment environment. Your well-being is in excellent hands.

- David Schwartz, 2006

How many words are there to describe the difference you have made in my life I no longer take pain killers because I do not have severe pain. I can lift my grandson without fear of dropping him. Allergies are gone, stomach and digestive problems are gone. Headaches are gone. Your pricing is reasonable but you are worth more.

- Sherry Hunt, 2006

I came to the office with lower back and neck pain. I t began years after a slip and fall. I have been in pain for the last 3-4 years. I walked by Health First Chiropractic because I work in the same area and asked some questions. My Dr. then referred me. So far my treatment has been working. I don’t have much pain and I am starting to feel relief. I’ve also had sinus adjustments and they have been helping with pressure release. I was suffering from headaches and no they are gone.

- Holly Conway, Dartmouth, 2009

I have had a sore back and neck throughout my entire life. I had pulled a neck muscle from driving on a weekend getaway. I was in pain for more than a week before seeking help. I had 4 massages that did not help my neck pain but did help other areas. After my first chiropractic session my neck pain was gone within an hour.

- John Heal, Halifax, 2009

In April 2010 I began to see Dr. Dwyer for knee pain and a tight hip. The knee pain had been present for about 6 months. After my first treatment I immediately had zero knee pain and the stiffness in my hip disappeared. It felt like I had my 30 year old body back. I feel amazing! Stronger, straighter, more aware and less fatigue. Overall the treatments have had a hugely positive effect on my posture and well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Dwyer and have referred others.

- Teri Walters, Halifax, 2011

Over the winter I slipped at work and fell on my wrist. It was swollen and painful to move. I have been a patient of Dr. Dwyer’s for 8 years. I heard that he had some new technology in the office…cold laser therapy, and I thought I would give it a try. After 2 sessions it was almost back to normal. I have told all of my friends and co-workers. I couldn’t believe it.

- Tim Carter, Halifax, 2012

As an avid runner and cyclist I always have minor aches, often putting up with hip pain for weeks. I realized I wasn’t going to be able to run through it anymore. I went to Health First Chiropractic and found everyone friendly and professional and immediately put me at ease. I met with Dr. Dwyer 2 times for cold laser therapy and after the first session I was out running again, after the second session my hip pain was completely gone. Thank you Dr. Dwyer for resolving my problem so fast! I did not even have to take time off to rest.

- D. Heffron, 2012